Thursday, June 17, 2010

Epiphany with an old Mojo

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great Thursday.  I had a great morning working on my card.  So great it fact, I had an epiphany!  Don't you just love those!  Today's blog may take a few more minutes than usual, so sit back and stay awhile.  First, here is my card:
This is a birthday card I made for my nephew's fiance.  I was looking through some old mojo sketches and decided on this one.  This is Mojo 99 from 10 August 2009!  Whoa... that was awhile back.  But the sketch is still a great one. And this Mojo is a first for me.
     Paper:    Jersey Shore DSP, retired, Brilliant Blue, Old Olive, Pumpkin Pie
     Ink:        Brilliant Blue
     Stamps:  Wow Flowers

I don't know about you, but it is rare that I make multiples of any of the cards I make.  They are usually one-a-kind.  And as you may know, that means alot of trial and error getting all your layers just right. (Can we say layers on this sketch!)   Needless to say, I was wasting alot of DSP and card stock attempting to get just the right size.  Soooo, here is my epiphany.  The thought finally occurred to me, "Terri, why don't you use plain old copy paper to work out your templates???"  DUH!  Can I say it again? DUH!   Now some of you may be alot smarter than me and you have already thought of this idea.  Good for you.  I just wish someone had passed it along to me alot sooner! LOL!!  But, if you're like me and have been wasting your valuable card stock, I hope this little bit of insight works for you also!

The other major thing for me today is that I bought a new camera!, YAY!  I still need to work on my lighting, but I think this camera is taking great pictures!

That's all for me tonight!  I hope you have a wonderful evening!



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