Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black and White Birthday

     Whew! Hang on to your hats, this is going to be a long post for me.  I have run across some great websites that I want to share with you.  I'll post my pix first and then tell you about my new finds.
     I made this card for my nephew Caleb, who just turned 20.  The years are passing by way too fast.  I really enjoyed making this card and it is the first  time in a long time where I really felt my creative juices flowing freely.  The past few months have been difficult for me.  It seems I have been struggling with my creativity and I think it shows in my cards.  They just haven't been up to par for me. However, this card I really, really like.  The pictures are never as good as the real thing, but hopefully, you will  get a feel for it.  The first pic is the outside; the second is the inside.
See what I mean about my creative juices flowing?  I even made a great inside.  I'm not very good at that.  But this could almost be another outside!  Woohoo!
Card Recipe:
Stamps:  Uncharted Territory, God's Blessings (sentiment)
Paper:     Old SU DSP, B&W
Ink:          Black
Other:     Scalloped oval punch, Decorative Label Punch
              In Stitches EF (by Craft Concepts)
     If you look really close, you'll see that the white background is embossed.  It is a new folder I bought called In Stitches by Craft Concepts.  I purchased it from a website I discovered that is awesome for embossing folders.  They have brands I have never heard of before. They are a company out of Rhode Island called  Crop Stop.  You can find it HERE.
They even have embossing folders that are made for the European Market.  I think I have bought at least 12 of them.  I really, really like them!  I think you will too.  AND...... they also have storage sleeves for your cards.  They look like clear sheet protectors only with pockets.  The 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 or A2 sheet holds four cards per sheet.  They also make a 5 x 7 sheet that holds 2 cards.  They may even have other sizes.  Just check out their storage sleeve sections and you will see ALL KINDS of awesome things. 
     The next website I want to  share with you is the Stampin Place, which you can find HERE.  For those of you who are unmounting your wooden stamps, they have some great cling vinyl.  And it really works.  It comes in a pkg of five - 9x12 sheets.  (I glue it to the grey part of the stamp with a wonderful glue I found described next.)

    I also found another website to buy glue that you can use up under the vinyl or use on the stamp itself that will act as an adhesive.  Here's what I mean by that.  When I heat up my wooden block stamp, I remove the label as well as the rubber stamp.  I then immediately reapply the label to the grey side of the stamp.  Just like you would if these were the cling stamps from SU.  I then applied the Sailor 2in1 glue.  (It has a tip that looks like a magic marker). I only apply a small amount and swish it across the stamp.  You then let it dry.  Once dry, it will have somewhat of a tacky feel and it will adhere to your clear blocks. Wallah.  you don't even need the cling vinyl.  So now you have options.  Personally, I prefer the sailor 2in1 glue over the vinyl.  It means less work.  However, they both work wonderful.  You can find their website HERE  On the left hand side click on supplies and then click on Adhesives and tapes. 

Whew!  Finally, I'm done.  I hope you will like some of these websites and that some of their stock will find its way into your craft inventory!


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